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Naturopathic medicine combines elements from multiple types of medicine in order to give individualized and holistic treatment options. Naturopathy focuses on identifying and addressing root causes of illness, and supporting the body’s own ability to heal. This is a holistic medical model, which involves looking at all levels of human experience as they relate to illness and well-being - physical, mental/emotional, spiritual and social, and utilizing multiple modalities to address the whole person.

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Pregnancy Coaching gives you the opportunity to have the support of an experienced midwife for your pregnancy journey. Pregnancy coaching is for you, if you want to be empowered during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journeys with evidence based information, along with experience based info.

Pregnancy coaching is available virtually.

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Healthy eating is vitally important to healing illness. However, sometimes people have intolerances to foods that otherwise are considered healthy. It is important to know if you’re eating a food routinely that is potentially damaging your body.

Naturopathic food intolerance assessments can be included in other visits, or can be scheduled as a separate service.

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Somatic Experiencing ® (SE) is a trauma processing therapy which utilizes awareness of body sensation to discharge trapped energy from the nervous system and renegotiate the choices available to the nervous system instead of staying stuck in "fight or flight" mode. SE™ can be an effective technique for many types of trauma including medical procedures, car accidents, falls, head injuries, and other more complex trauma such as past abuse.

SE™ sessions are available virtually or in-person.


Reset and renew with the Clear Change Metabolic Detox! This naturopathic doctor supported detox program is available in January, April, and October to be done with a group, or can be done individually any time. The program includes a virtual introductory class, a screening appointment, all supplements, and access to a Facebook support group. 

You can join from anywhere in Canada or the US. 


Group classes based on Somatic Experiencing® (SE) techniques are offered regularly online, or can be scheduled in-person for groups. This class is a great introduction to SE work for individuals looking for an alternative therapy option, or just want daily tools for stress management.  It is also an excellent workshop for any workplace, or organization staff, that experience high stress on the job, work with others who have a history of trauma, or work with children. 

See the schedule for the next online class, or contact us to schedule an in-person workshop.  

* We do not offer acupuncture or I.V. therapy at this time.