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Xenos Health Clinic's Big Move


Drs. Charity Thiessen, and her husband, Node Smith have finally completed their transition to sunny Saskatchewan with their recent purchase of a new home. The dynamic duo found a beautiful victorian heritage building in the quiet and restful village of Lipton. Thank you to all who have helped with prayers, conversations, and support these past two years, to make this dream a reality.

Will the Traveling Clinic ‘Settle Down?’

With the recent move (and also due to the pandemic), there have been some changes, and likely the traveling clinic will continue to undergo transition throughout 2021.

Future clinic in Fort Qu’appelle area?

We don’t have any news to report on a new location in Fort Qu’appelle, but it is likely on the horizon. We are now 10 minutes away from “The Fort,” and as such will be open and on the lookout for networking relationships and opportunities to serve our new community here, as well as establish a more permanent location for others to travel to.

Telemedicine the ‘new normal’

Since the pandemic, telemedicine has allowed us to continue providing care to those communities we serve. We have been conducting new patient visits, as well as follow-ups via phone and video conference platforms, and offering shorter in-person visits for supplement pick-up, physical exams, and other treatments requiring physical contact.

It has been great for individuals and we will continue to offer these telemedicine services.

Somatic Experiencing telemedicine visits

In addition to basic naturopathic care, we are also offering Somatic Experiencing visits via telemedicine. Somatic Experiencing is a body based trauma reprocessing technique that is very helpful in facilitating the release of stored physical/emotional/or psychological trauma. It is very gentle, and does NOT rely on the re-living or telling of the traumatic experience.

Melfort location changes

Our Melfort location has transitioned to home visits and supplement drop off only.This is due to the loss of our clinic space we were using, as well as a decrease in appointment bookings. We will also only be visiting Melfort every other month, coinciding with our trip to Creighton/Flin Flon.

Lanigan has been moved to once a month

Lanigan will now be a location we visit once a month instead of weekly. This is due to distance

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