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Update on Dr. Charity's Health

Don’t let the picture worry you, it was mainly to get your attention. I am doing well, although I have been on quite the journey with my own health during the last few months. I have debated on how transparent to be publicly, but many of you have trusted me with your stories, and I feel it is important for us all to know that we are not alone in the different struggles we may find ourselves in.

I made the difficult decision to take an extended time off this year due to the health problems that I was having. My body had been letting me know for months that something needed to change, but I chose to continue pushing. Around September I started experiencing joint pain when I was on the road for the clinic, especially when driving long distances. This gradually escalated into red, hot swollen joints, and pain in large joints that would keep me awake all night, inhibited my movement, and at times was excruciating. I knew from the symptoms that it was likely of an autoimmune, inflammatory nature and was not something to take lightly, but I basically ignored it for months. When I finally decided to take time off, I also started treating it. Within a couple of months, I was almost completely pain free and have continued with very little to no pain since then. I have been working with my family doctor, and there is the possibility it is rheumatoid arthritis, but I am hopeful that it is not serious, and I can remain symptom free if I continue keeping the stress in my life at a much more balanced level.

Also, over the last year and a half I have been dealing with precancerous cervical cells. This had been monitored for months, and my body ideally would clear it on its own, but it did not. When it was biopsied, it was the most severe grade of dysplasia, meaning the last stage before cancer, so needed to be removed. I underwent a LEEP procedure in July, which is what the picture in the hospital gown is from. It was just a day surgery, it went well, and recovery has been smooth.

My mental health over the last year has also been all over the place, and most of those places were not good. I had some major breakthroughs in that area in December, and have been making it a priority to maintain support for myself in this area, just as I advocate that my patients do. I have a great counselor who I am continuing to work with, take some great herbs and supplements for this, and am working on

habits that support my wellbeing in every area. It is sometimes hard to put ourselves first, even though taking care of ourselves is the best thing that we can do for others.

I spent a lot of the summer working together with Dr. Node on our new house. We had lots of outdoor projects, including painting our decks, that kept us active and outside the last couple of months. I have slowly been doing a little more work recently, and hope be back at it more consistently some time in September. Stay tuned for updates on the clinic which will be coming soon.

Enjoying the outdoors on an impromptu trip to Grasslands National Park

In Health,

Dr. Charity

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