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Group Class Fun & Upcoming Sabbatical Announcement

Over the past couple of months the Xenos Health clinic has enjoyed offering group classes and activities.

Clear Change Detox

Two groups went through the Metagenics Clear Change® Detox program in January and February. Dr. Charity and Dr. Node also participated in the January group and went through the caffeine withdrawal with everyone else. It has been really amazing to hear of the results and improvements that people experienced with the detox program.

We will be offering the group supported detox multiple times per year and recommend making it a tradition.

Group detoxes will be offered:

September 2021

January 2022

March 2022

We recommend September and March if you want to detox 2 times per day and January for once a year.

It is available for individuals the rest of the year if you are unable to do it during the group times.

Somatic Experiencing® Classes

Dr. Charity has facilitated 2 workshops on stress and anxiety using somatic experiencing® techniques since the new year. Even though these workshops were virtual, they offered a great opportunity for connecting and community. We love giving these workshops and it is very rewarding to see the healing and understanding that comes with the practical application of the concepts. We hope to offer this workshop more regularly, and it is also available for businesses, staff teams, and groups.

Lipton New Horizon Center Talks

This thriving community center in our new hometown has had Dr. Charity come and give talks on anxiety, diabetes, and high blood pressure, with another upcoming talk on memory loss prevention.

She has been well received and it has been a great opportunity to connect with the community.

We look forward to doing more in person workshops in the future, and also love that anyone can join a virtual workshop for anywhere!

Sabbatical Announcement

Dr. Charity will be starting a sabbatical on April 5th. It has been a very difficult decision, but a necessary one, as she is stepping away to work on her own health. We will continue to keep you updated as things morph and change with the clinic. Follow us on Facebook to stay in the loop. Appointments are available through the beginning of April, and please see our schedule page for our travel schedule.

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