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Fall Into Health - Xenos Health Heads to Creighton and Carnduff

As Fall Cleanse Gets Underway, Xenos Health Opens Clinics in Carnduff and Creighton


We kicked off the "back to school" season with a group cleanse, which has been supported since the beginning of September through a closed Facebook group. We had a great turnout at our live introductory class in Estevan, as well as a fair number of people joining on a live stream via Facebook. The cleanse is a whole foods eating program that is first and foremost a chance to learn about different foods, cooking and our relationship with foods and eating. The closed Facebook group is meant to facilitate a community aspect where all participants are able to share their ongoing experience and also ask questions and gain support.

It seems that everyone is doing GREAT with the cleanse, and the participation on the FB group has been great to be a part of. Thank you everyone for your great questions and for learning and supporting one another.


As the weather begins to get colder, and the leaves move from the trees to the ground, we will be traveling to two new locations: Creighton and Carnduff. We are excited to add another location in the Southern part of the province, as well as finally get up to a more northern area. We are very grateful for the community contacts we have in both places, and these clinic locations would not be happening without you. We will be adding these two new locations in September and October, respectively.

CREIGHTON - We will be visiting Creighton, SK every other month for 3 days during the third week of the month.

CARNDUFF - We will be visiting Carnduff, SK every other month during the first week of the month*; this will alternate with our trips to Minton.

*For the month of December we will be visiting Carnduff the week before Estevan, which is actually the last week of November.

See the Schedule on the webpage for more details.

All locations are available for booking through the New Year.

Blessings and Health

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