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Individual Sessions, Virtual Workshops, and In-Person Seminars are all available. Contact us to find out more. 

Somatic Experiencing®

We are experiencing an increasing amount stress and tension on a global scale, not just with the ongoing pandemic, but also with environmental devastation, political tension, and historical traumas coming to light. We might go so far as to say that we are currently experiencing a “cultural trauma,” on multiple different levels. Many individuals are feeling this cultural trauma personally, especially if they have previously struggled with stress or anxiety, or have their own personal history of trauma. Many people have experienced their mental health drastically affected by the events of this past couple of years.

For these reasons, we’ve decided to begin conducting virtual and in-person workshops rooted in the principles of Somatic Experiencing® to help you learn how your nervous system works and gain tools to discharge stress and anxiety the way your body is designed to.

Individual sessions are always available, and Somatic Experiencing® can be an effective technique for many types of trauma including medical procedures, car accidents, falls, head injuries, and other more complex trauma such as past abuse.

About Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing ® (SETM) utilizes awareness of body sensation to discharge trapped energy from the nervous system and renegotiate the choices available to the nervous system. As a methodology and series of tools for working with trauma and the physical symptoms that manifest 


from trauma, SETM presents a unique option. It concentrates on what is happening inside the body, rather than the stories and events which surround a trauma. Through this it emphasizes a sense of control and choice, and limits the unintentional reactivation of trauma that often occurs during many traditional psychotherapeutic techniques.


These group classes serve as a great access point in laying the foundational understanding of how the nervous system operates and where symptoms associated with overwhelm, burnout, stress, anxiety, and traumatic experience are coming from.

Conducting the class as a group serves the dual purpose of educating a greater number of individuals at once, as well as supporting a community culture which strives to gather and learn tools to increase resiliency.


This class is extremely helpful as a first step for individuals desiring individual therapy regarding traumatic experiences, or as a stand alone to learn how to cope with stress in a healthy way on a daily basis. The class has learning objectives which include:

• Understanding how the nervous system responds to stress, and how stressors become trapped in the nervous system as trauma 

• Understanding the normalcy of stress and trauma and how this relates to resiliency 

• Bring awareness to the process of “over-riding” and how this impacts traumatic experiences 

• Laying a foundation to listen to needs and learn how to respond with choice 

• Practicing the tools and skill of sensation tracking 

• Learning and practicing how to orient to and from an activated state - pendulation

Registration Information

Individual Sessions - Always Available, virtually or in-person in Fort Qu'appelle

Upcoming dates for online Stress and Anxiety Workshops, which are 3 hours long, and held on Saturdays via Zoom from 9 am - noon

February 19, 2022

Cost per Workshop - $137*

Schedule a session or sign up for an online workshop by clicking the link, or go to the "Naturopathic Medicine" location on our online booking page. Choose a "Somatic Experiencing" appointment, either virtual or in-person, or the "Stress and Anxiety Workshop". You will need to move to the correct date on the calendar to select a workshop.  

*You do not need to be a current patient to attend workshops, you can join from anywhere, and there are no further obligations. 

*Sliding scale available if needed. Tax Included.

**To schedule an online or in-person workshop for your group, staff, business, etc. please contact us.**