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That means you are wanting to have the most positive and empowered pregnancy experience possible!

Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum journey can be beautiful and challenging. They can be filled with life changing moments, and will no doubt impact you forever.

There is so much to learn along the way.

The experience can sometimes be one that causes much stress, anxiety, and worry.

There is so much unknown, and at times you feel alone, filled with doubt, fears and questions, not knowing where to turn.

Your friends are helpful, sometimes, but their experiences are all so different.

Google helps, sometimes,

but it’s so hard to know what information is reliable. Your care provider is great but they are busy and don’t always have the time you need. 

Pregnancy Coaching

Enter pregnancy coaching...coaching is here to provide you with the extra support you can’t get anywhere else.  Jacqueline has many years of experience as a midwife. She is passionate about empowering the pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys with evidence based information along with experience based info you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s her passion to help you feel informed, heard, supported and confident each step of the way.  You can expect to have a thorough history taken at your first visit and a customized plan that suits your needs for ongoing support and education.  You will have an opportunity to discuss birth plans, pain management, newborn care, breastfeeding and any topic you are interested in discussing. You will be provided with resources and handouts with further reading and information.