Dr. Charity Thiessen, ND, MScGH

Dr. Thiessen is a friendly, down to earth country doc. After years volunteering abroad, she’s returned to her home province of Saskatchewan to practice within the communities she knows and loves. She is a wealth of wisdom and has extensive experience working with native communities as well as in resource poor areas. She has a firm belief in the power of relationship, and a deep interest in hearing the stories of those she works with. Her methods are organic and alive, and work with gentle simplicity with both the young and old. 

She is a naturopathic doctor, and alumni from the National University of Natural Medicine, and also holds a masters in global health. Dr. Thiessen’s practice focuses on all things brain health. This includes mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, trauma, concussions and sports medicine, memory issues and Alzheimer’s prevention. She strategically utilizes homeopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle counseling, and Somatic Experiencing® with her patients. She addresses the foundations of health with all her patients including dietary factors, metabolism, hormones, sleep, movement, and stress. She works with patients of all ages. 

 Dr. Thiessen grew up on a horse ranch in Saskatchewan, and has returned to a similar life. When she is not practicing, she enjoys the simplicity of life in a small town and exploring the beautiful outdoors. 

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Jacqueline has been immersed in the world of pregnancy and birth since 2008 when she became a birth doula. She quickly knew she wanted to expand her impact and pursued a career as a midwife. She graduated from the National College of Midwifery in 2012. Her training as a midwife included extensive time spent at a birth centre in the Philippines. Jacqueline has a passion for international social justice and women’s health and spent 4 years in the Federated States of Micronesia serving as a midwife in the remote island community. Her international journeys brought her back home to Canada and closer to family in 2017 where she completed the International Midwifery Pre-registration Program (IMPP) for internationally trained midwives. She has worked as a midwife in Aurora, Ontario since 2018. 


Recently Jacqueline has decided to shift gears and focus on education and pregnancy support. She is beyond grateful to be partnering with her sister and naturopathic doctor, Charity Thiessen, to offer one-on-one pregnancy coaching, education and support.


Jacqueline is passionate about empowering parents through the pregnancy journey.  She believes education, knowledge and support can make a world of a difference for the pregnancy and birth experience.  She is looking forward to working with you to help build confidence and a positive mindset for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey.


Meet our Staff


About the Clinic

The Xenos Health clinic exists to provide holistic health care in Saskatchewan in a way that specifically address some of the biggest obstacles to accessing naturopathic care - distance, time, and affordability. For this reason, Xenos Health offers as many services as possible via telemedicine, food intolerance testing and supplement refills by mail, and online education. We also offer group education and programs as a way that individuals and communities can access health care and information at a lower cost than one on one visits.


A few of the programs that we offer include: stress and trauma workshops based on Somatic Experiencing techniques, metabolic detox programs, smoking cessation programs, and concussion first aid classes. Dr. Thiessen is also available to travel and present educational talks on a variety of health topics. 

We have just opened a location in Fort Qu'appelle where in-person naturopathic medicine is available with Dr. Thiessen. 

Make sure to check out our newest service, Pregnancy Coaching, with midwife Jacqueline Thiessen. It is available virtually, so that women can receive expert support and advice throughout the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum process no matter where they are. 

*Please contact us if you are interested in any our group programs or webinars, or to schedule one of our staff for a speaking engagement. 

What does Xenos Mean?

“Xenos,” is a Greek word that translates roughly as “stranger friend.” The idea of the stranger/friend is the foundation of the Greek hospitality system where strangers and guests are considered friends. 

This was chosen as the name for the clinic for two reasons. When the clinic began, it was a travelling clinic, that served multiple communities. The hospitality of these communities was vital to the function of the clinic. We relied on individuals and groups in these communities to open up space for us to practice, find us places to sleep, and even feed us in our travels. 

The second reason is due to the fact that we are guests in Saskatchewan. We are grateful for the privilege of living and working on traditional and treaty territories of First Nations communities.


Our Philosophy

Your body is innately self-healing

At Xenos Health we believe health and wellness is a potential reality for everyone. This is what the body is constantly striving for, though obstacles are standing in the way. By re-establishing the basis for health as well as listening to the body we can figure out where these obstacles are and how to work through them. Learning to listen to the body and respond to what it needs is how underlying and root causes of disease are uncovered and addressed.

Symptoms, therefore, are considered valuable information that need to be listened to rather than suppressed.


Our goal is to support our patients in understanding these root causes and provide tools and treatments to address the obstacles keeping their body’s from achieving health and balance.