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Our clients know that living a healthy lifestyle is difficult, especially when the world seems to be against every healthy choice you try to make. 


It can feel like you’re a salmon trying to swim upstream, while everything around you is pulling you downstream towards unhealthy choices. 


The doctors and staff at Xenos Health are here to help. 


We recognize that being healthy in today’s world is countercultural. You may be the only one in your family, or your group of friends, who is concerned about the ingredients in your food, the chemicals in your home, or learning about dysfunctional thought patterns and toxic relationships. 


There are a lot of unhealthy things all around us, all the time, that are considered “normal.” This makes it all the more difficult to make healthy choices for ourselves. It can certainly seem like you are trying to swim upstream. 


And you know what?! YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 


You are in good company when it comes to desiring health and wellbeing for yourself, your family, and your community. 


We invite you to join a growing community of health conscious individuals, who are learning how to reclaim their health, take back their lives and experience true freedom. 


We are here to support you with making lasting “upstream” choices.


                --     Dr. Charity Thiessen, Owner & Naturopathic Doctor


To increase accessibility to rural areas, Xenos Health offers services virtually as well as in-person, and group classes and workshops which we travel for or hold online. ​

If you, or your community is interested in having one of our staff give a seminar, talk, or workshop, please contact us.

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Treating the root cause of disease and addressing the foundations of health through multiple natural modalities.

Available virtually and in-person

Cherry Tomatoes

Individual naturopathic assessment to identify which foods may be contributing to disease or inhibiting optimal well-being. Currently available by mail and in-person.

Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Coaching with an experienced midwife to give you extra support in your pregnancy journey, at any and all stages along the way. Available virtually.


Reset and renew! This naturopathic doctor supported detox program is available 3 times per year with a group, or can be done individually any time. You can join from anywhere. 

Dandelion Meadow

Somatic Experiencing® is a trauma processing technique which focuses on the nervous system response to resolve traumatic events. Available virtually and in-person


Informative and experiential group classes based on Somatic Experiencing® techniques. Offered regularly online, or can be scheduled in person for groups. 


“It is of course always easier and pleasanter to let others think for us. But if people wish to pursue a course that will certainly lead them to true health, to the springs of life, each must be his own doctor."

~Adolph Just~

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