Bringing Naturopathic Medicine to the Prairies
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Xenos Health is rethinking the delivery of healthcare. We are a traveling clinic offering naturopathic medicine services. We have a firm belief that through relationships, partnerships and creative thinking that many more communities in Saskatchewan can gain access to holistic healthcare.

Living in a rural place shouldn’t mean a lack of options when it comes to health care. Xenos Health wants to connect with you and your community as an accessible option for your natural healthcare needs. This may look different for each community, and we are interested in exploring your needs and our availability so that we may serve your area in the best way possible.

Xenos Health is ran by Naturopath husband and wife team, Charity Thiessen and Node Smith. Their base of operations is in the Humboldt, SK area, and from there they travel to communities all over the province offering naturopathic medicine. 

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Naturopathic Medicine

Treating the root cause of disease and addressing the foundations of health through multiple natural modalities.

Physical Medicine

Addressing health complaints, pain, and injuries through a combination of naturopathic massage techniques, naturopathic manipulation, and pain education.

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Food Intolerance Assessments

Individual naturopathic assessment to identify which foods may be contributing to disease or inhibiting optimal well-being. Currently available by mail.


“It is of course always easier and pleasanter to let others think for us. But if people wish to pursue a course that will certainly lead them to true health, to the springs of life, each must be his own doctor."

~Adolph Just~

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